When you need a birds eye view, we have a multitude of options available with various configurations of cameras and lenses. All our Pilots are fully qualified and CAA accredited, with years of experience between them. In addition our fleet can be hired on their own by CAA approved companies and individuals; great for when you need extra craft or accessories to support your project.


With our range of Cable cameras, an alternative option is available to get you that distinctive “Money Shot” where a drone is prohibitive or illegal to use. We have fully crewed rigs that can be operated in all weathers, with speeds up to 50mph over a 200m range. Survey required. The cameras can be operated as either fixed focus or can be linked to our wireless focus control system. All of our crewed systems and drones can be wirelessly linked via a latency free HD transmitter to either a Directors monitor or into a 3rd party broadcast switcher, for outside broadcast use.