YODO is a family of creatives. Each bring their own unique flavour in order to create the perfect blend of talent, passion and creativity that helps deliver exceptional quality with a twist of flare. Delivering our clients fresh, yet refined digital content time and time again, thanks to the experience of our skilled professional team. What’s more, your mum would love us!


Has a strange affinity for two wheels and broken bones. Wanna be stuntman he is not. Thankfully for all our sakes, he now only spends his time driving the business forward.


Passionate Aberdeen FC supporter, whisky buff and self-nominated office DJ, Neil makes sure we are all singing from the same song sheet. He is also a fantastic director and editor.


Whether it’s dealing with housewives in Cheshire, canoeing up-stream to get a shot at dawn, or sat producing the next adventure, there is always a smile to be had from this talented TV Director-Producer.


Having graduated from film school, Kam started life as an intern and is now firmly one of the family. Amongst his filming and editing skills he puts us all to shame holding the current office-keepie-uppie record!


Hailing from the land of windmills, coffee houses and pancakes, Nelleke brings her own unique eye and skill to the film making process as a Director and Editor.


Writer-Director extraordinaire …and steam traction-engine driver! Chris is an award winning film maker always keen to bring out the absolute best in any creative project.


Living the life in warmer climes for now, Ross has worked in LDN, NYC, LA and is currently making his peace with racoons in Florida in-between Writing, Directing and Editing like a boss.